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Trust us with your case. We make it happen.


Generally, the majority of immigrants are hard working individuals who are unfamiliar with the U.S. Immigration laws which can be very confusing and complicated.  One mistake can lead to negative consequences such as denial of your immigration benefits.  We can help you with your family petitions, work permits, as well, as residency and citizenship interviews. Furthermore, if you or a family member are facing deportation proceedings and have to go before a judge we can represent you in court.     



Do you have a court date for child support?

Do you owe child support payments?

Are your child support payments too high?

Is your driver's license suspended because of child support payments owed?

Is the other parent not allowing you to see your child?

We can help!  We handle all types of child support and paternity cases.  Let us help you with your case.  Call or email us now to make an appointment. 



We understand that a divorce or a separation can be devastating for families.  Sometimes it is best for spouses to part ways and our aim is to help you go through this transition in a peaceful and amicable manner, while at the same time looking out for your best interests and those of your children.  We can help you with your dissolution of marriage, child support, visitation, paternity, modifications and settlements.



Often necessity, passion, or just circumstances leaves us facing the criminal justice system which can be a very intimidating experience.  However, you are not alone because we are here to be on your side and make sure that your rights are not violated.  We can represent you with your Misdemeanor and Felony cases, as well as, probation violations and bond hearings.  We aim to get the best outcome in your case.  We are here to fight for you!   



Traffic tickets are no joke!  They generate thousands of dollars in revenue for the state and local governments each year, but at the same time they also generate a lot of headaches, inconvenience and problems for drivers. 

At our law firm we strive to do everything possible to eliminate your traffic ticket and generally we aim for no points in your record, no need for you to attend traffic school, and no need for you to go to court.  We go to court for you so that you do not have to.  


​It is a truly traumatic and stressful experience to find yourself facing a foreclosure lawsuit in court because you are a couple of months behind on your mortgage.  We aim to defend you in every step of your foreclosure lawsuit.  Remember the bank has the obligation in court to prove their case before they can auction your home and we are here to defend you.  We will also explain to you the legal process that will take place in court and we will provide you with available options for your specific case.  Take action and call our law firm today because tomorrow it may be too late.     

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One of the most important aspects in our life is our credit.  From everyday purchases to life-changing purchases like buying a house our credit plays a big role.  Having a good credit score can impact our interest rate, how much money we can borrow from the bank and even our insurance rates are affected. 


We can help you improve your credit score by eliminating old debts, inaccuracies in your credit reports and by helping you settle delinquent accounts.  Give us a call and let us start helping you fix your credit score today.





To be in debt over your head is a very traumatic experience.  Debt collectors call you all the time and you get delinquent notices in the mail.  However, you do have options, like bankruptcy, available to you to help you ease your financial harship.  


By filing for bankruptcy you can eliminate all of your unsecured creditors like credit cards, judgments like foreclosure deficits and many others.  Start your life again and give us a call so that we may help you eliminate your debts.  Take the opportunity to sit with us and we will explain to you the overall process.


Throughout life we accumulate our wealth or at least we try to leave something valuable behind to our loved ones.  By having a professionally prepared will you can have peace of mind by knowing that your loved ones will receive that which you assign to them.  A lot of costly litigation and family strife can be avoided by preparing your will because in a will you can designate who you will be leaving your valuables to and avoid any confusion later on.  


We also prepare power of attorneys, health-care surrogate forms and living wills.



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