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Parent's Responsibility for Teen Car Accidents

So your child turns sixteen and he or she decides that she wants to drive. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? It is good because it frees you up from having to drive them back and forth to different activities and allows them to develop their independence provided that they are responsible. If they are irresponsible it is a horrible thing because it opens you up to potential liability (meaning you are responsible for paying the damage that they cause).

What should you do? Whenever your child applies for their driver's license one parent needs to sign the application which makes that parent responsible for any crashes that the child is involved as well.

What other ways can you as a parent be responsible? Two ways, one, by signing the driving application and two by lending your vehicle because the vehicle owner can be sued as well for the negligence caused by whoever is driving.

Best option, purchase a car only for your child and have it titled under their name. Then whoever is the parent that does not work or makes the least amount of money or has the least amount of assets, have that parent sign the Florida Driver's License application for their child.


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